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Whitehouse flexible tubing ltd is a family business with a rich industrial history which was started in the late 1800's by George Whitehouse who started a Brass Foundry. This business was very successful in the manufacture of a range of brass products including bedsteads and door handles.building2.jpg

George Whitehouse & Company went from strength to strength and George’s three sons, Jack, Jim and Norman joined the business as it expanded. They had a factory located on William Edward Street in Birmingham where it had an industrial plant at one end of the street with housing for the workers along the street. With the start of the war in 1936 the company was engaged in helping the war effort by manufacturing and supplying parts for the Hurricane Aeroplane and there was and AID Store at the premises.

They continued assisting the war effort until it ended in 1945. On the first day war had broken out Jim and Norman decided to fit metal sheeting to the roof of the factory in an attempt to protect the premises from damage. Sure enough that very night the factory received a direct hit yet thanks to their efforts the factory was saved. During the companies development they had started to manufacture stripwound flexible tubing which they were supplying to a wide range of industrial sectors for extraction, conveyance of granular products, ventilation, protective casing as well as a variety of other applications in particular flexible exhausts on motor cars.

The flexible tubing business was run by George Whitehouse’s son Jim who enjoyed great success supplying exhaust tubes to the to the majority of the British Motor Manufacturers. The business went through great change in the 1940’s, early 1950’s. Edward Street was compulsory purchased which resulted in Jack and Normans parts of the business separating from the flexible tubing company which Jim eventually relocated in Redditch. The firm continued to trade with great success until the British Motor Trade began to decline and with it a great portion of the company’s business. In 1977 Jim Whitehouse retired from the business by which time three of his sons Paul, Roger and Ken were employed at the firm.

The three brothers managed to steer the company through difficult times over the next few decades continuing to trade in the same industries as before but they also concentrated on investing in new products and machinery to secure the future success of the company. Whitehouse flexible tubing concentrated their efforts on designing more efficient ways of producing the stripwound flexible tubing and like the generations before them they understood the importance of investment in design and innovation.aboutimage.png

This investment was rewarded as they worked closely with their design teams and toolmakers to ensure they continued to meet customer expectations and bring new products to market. Today Whitehouse flexible tubing is run by another generation of the Whitehouse family with Roger and Kens sons Tom Whitehouse and John Whitehouse running the business. Tom and John are working alongside another of the company’s newly appointed Directors Darren Shakells. Darren began his career with the company in 1989 when he started as Tool Markers apprentice but his rapid development saw him take over from the tool maker and he went on to design and build a whole new generation of machines before becoming involved in other aspects of the companies activities.

The current management team are continuing in the companies traditions for design and innovation by investing in the design and manufacture of a new generation of machinery that will enable them to introduce new products to their range. In addition to the these new developments the company will also be extending their assembly workshop to enable them to extend their capabilities and capacity for the manufacture of specialist hoses.

The company has been undergoing considerable change over the last two years as they change their systems and processes whilst making improvements to their products and services. As part of this process they have achieved registration for the ISO9001 Quality Management System which has provided tremendous benefits for the company and its customers alike.